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Dr. G’s Creations® prides itself for assisting the food industry to develop new tastes and new products, product enhancement, increasing productivity, yield and increasing profitability.  Dr. G’s Creations® top goal is dedicated service to the food industry and total commitment to our clients’ success.

Functional Food Technical Support & ConsultingResearch & Consulting - For over 25 years we have provided processing and flavor solutions for development and application of food products. We combine market intelligence, scientific and technical knowledge with commercial and business perspectives to help you successfully bring your product to market as quickly as possible with high quality and consistent performance.

Business & Market Intelligence - We work with food companies all over the word to help our partners to develop strategies for getting ahead of their competitors. Not only do we help you develop new products, but we have the capability to supply the critical functional food ingredients and to implement industrial scale up.  See Ne Yu® Taste, Functional Ingredients.

Functional Food Regulations, Quality and Safety - Food safety is a key part of food development. Our food safety experts will help you to insure food safety during new product development and make sure all Federal and State regulations are met. Of course after food safety, food quality is the most important part of developing new tastes and processing procedures for new and improved food products.  We can help you meet all those challenges and bring your products to market faster. See Dr. G’s Laboratory testing

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Product Development - Let us help you develop new ingredients or food products, or modify existing products or ingredients for increased success of your business. We are often approached by clients who feel that they have run out of ideas for improving taste or profitability in their company. Some companies know they need to develop new products or tastes, but just do not have the time or facilities for development. We can help.  We specialize in new product development and have the facilities to bring new life into your company.   See Ne Yu® Taste, 4UR® Taste, Snack Seasonings, Functional Ingredients

functional food developmentIngredient Functionality - We understand how to optimize the physical functionality of food ingredients in food formulations and apply quality control procedures to maintain the highest quality. After new product development, the new product is only as good as functional ingredient quality and processing.  We provide not only technical consulting, but functional ingredients to support your products.  The only way you can be assured of ingredient quality and authenticity is rigid standards, quality control, and an ingredient supplier who apply these same standards.

Dr. G’s Creations can help you accomplish these goals and increase profits in your company.  See Ne Yu® Bind, Ne Yu Phos, Ne Yu® SealCustom Seasonings 


Our Mission: Establish trust and integrity through honesty, working hard as a team player, and improving resources to the foodservice and food manufacturing sector.

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