Functional Ingredients - Snack Seasonings

Snack and Specialty Food Seasoning Systems    

Dr. G’s Creations® helps Snack and Specialty Food producers develop just the right taste and texture for the snack food industry.  Custom flavor blends can be developed for any kind of snack food or made to your exact specifications in any quantities.  We have teamed with our Canadian Partner  to provide flavors and seasonings that taste great, and help your snack foods become a favorite for children or adult consumers.  Call us today and let Dr. G’s Creations® help you prepare better tasting snack foods and enjoy higher profits.

functional snack seasonings and flavors

Snack & Specialty Seasoning Systems are functional ingredients blends specially made for the snack food industry.

Full development, formulation and manufacturing consultations are available for all Well Seasoned® snack and specialty seasoning systems. We assist in developing your products or blend to your exact specifications.

Quality Accreditations:
HACCP, CFIA Registered Dairy Plant, AIB Superior Rating, Kosher Facility.

We have in-house microbiology, metal prevention and detection, recyclable packaging, temperature and humidity controlled facilities, accurate yields & advanced dust collection.

Packaging Options: Bag in box, Pouch, Drums, Bulk Packaging from 1 Kg to 1,000 Kg.

Our Mission: Establish trust and integrity through honesty, working hard as a team player, and improving resources to the foodservice and food manufacturing sector.

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