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Pre-dust. Batter. Breader – It’s as Simple as 1, 2, 3


Our functional ingredient systems such as our NeYu® Coat and NeYu® Crisp create the properties that allow proteins to retain natural moisture, and remain tender and juicy. In addition, they provide texture modification properties which allow products to remain crispy and crunchy during initial cooking process or upon reheating of product.

Moreover, we also offer complete and custom breading systems. The key to a good breading systems is to follow the tried and proven 3 step system: Pre-dust, Batter, & Breader. Our systems utilize similar technologies as our NeYu® Coat and NeYu® Crisp systems create the ultimate, light, crispy, and, most importantly, clean label fried products available!


Since this is the first step in the breading process, it is vital that adhesion be one of the main focuses while also laying the foundation for a finished product that will be flavorful and crispy. Our Pre-dust systems are a specially formulated variety of blends of different starches and flours that promote maximum adhesion to product; in addition, our products keep the overall texture and bite light in order to allow for batter and breader systems to add finishing flavors and textures.

      •Rice Flour Blends   
      •Cornstarch Blends  
      •Wheat Flour Blends 
      •Potato Flour Blends



Just as in our Pre-dust systems, adhesion and texture are the major factors when creating our Batter systems. While following Clean Label Standards, we utilize our patented NeYu® Bind system to help ensure that our Batter systems will work in unison with our Pre-Dust and Breader systems so that our customer’s products have a flavorful and stable outer crunch.
BREADING Batters waffle and biscuit
pre-dust for fried foods

Traditional Batters

    •Tempura Batters
    •Wheat Flour Blend

Specialty Batters

    •Waffle Batters
    •Biscuit Batters



Our Breaders are formulated and designed to truly compliment the previously calculated Pre-Dust and Batter systems, while also adding the final finishing touches that make our fried products the best on the market. Not only do we utilize a vast variety of flour and cereal grains for different textures, but we also custom blend our Breaders so that your product has the desired crunch and color based on your specifications.

    •Home Style
    •Flour Breader
    •Cereal Grain Mixes

Batter & Breading - Functional Ingredients Breading & Batter System functional ingredients Functional Food Breading Systems

Fry Color Charts Available Upon Request






NeYu® Breading are functional ingredient systems for battering and breading foods. They help retain natural moisture, and keep meats and poultry  tender and juicy during the cooking process. In addition, they provide texture modification properties which allow products to remain crispy and crunchy during initial cooking process or upon reheating the product.

Package:  50 lbs bag – multi wall Kraft bag.


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