Functional Sealing Ingredients - Ne Yu® Seal

Ne Yu® Seal Moisture Retention Systems    

Ne Yu® Seal is used in meat, poultry, seafood and turkey for moisture retention, crispiness and adhesion.  Ne Yu® Seal  can also be used for lightly breaded vegetables, etc.

Package: 40 lbs box or 50 lbs bag – multi wall Kraft bag. 

Storage:  Optimum Temperature is dry and cool less than 90 F with less 60% relative humidity.   Shelf life iFunctional Sealing Ingredients - Ne YuŽ Seals 9 months.

Ne Yu® Seal designed to be used in the marinades with meat, poultry, seafood and turkey.  Breaded and  marinade products benefits include;

    - Juicier product
    - Crispiness in bite
    - Moisture barrier for better adhesion
    - Usage 2 – 5 %
    - Help with wet sauce
    - Roasted and crispy texture in chicken wings
    - Good fried appearance

Ne Yu® Seal 101 is designed for high cooking yield for whole muscle white or dark meat in poultry and turkey to obtain; 

     - High cooking yield
     - Juicy product
     - Less marination lost
     - Use with Ne Yu® Seal 100 in wings and skin on products
     - Using Ne Yu® Seal 100 and 111 might result crispier wings with roasted appearance
     - Usag
    e depends on the formula


Functional Sealing Ingredients - Ne YuŽ Seal

Ne Yu® Seal 102 is designed for chicken wings and drumsticks to produce a product with:

     - Marinade retention
     - High yield
     - Juicy texture
     - Good results when used in convention oven products
     - Easy to use       

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