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Ne Yu® Salt - Custom Salt Replacement Systems    

Custom Salt Replacement SystemsNe Yu® Salt is a series of Salt Replacers offered by Dr. G’s Creations® which is highly customizable to customers’ needs and level of salt reduction.   Ne Yu® Salt may reduce sodium up to 60% and still obtaining moisture, yield and taste.   Ne Yu® Salt can be easily blended with other ingredients in the product such as soups, sauces, meats (Poultry, Seafood, Beef, Pork), prepared foods, frozen entrees, etc.

Package: 40 lbs box or 50 lbs bag – multi wall Kraft bag. 

Optimum Temperature is dry and cool less than 90 F with less 60% relative humidity.   Shelf life is 9 – 12 months.

Ne Yu® Salt 112 is a salt replacement used in poultry meat to reduce sodium up to 45%. With or without potassium chloride. 

Ne Yu® Salt 115 is a mixture of salt, potassium chloride and natural flavor to reduce sodium and minimizes the bitterness.

Custom Salt Replacement SystemsNe Yu® Salt 120 is a salt replacer made with sea salt and natural flavor to meet customer flavor need with   no potassium chloride.  This is an allergen free product.

Ne Yu® Salt 212 is sea salt with an excellent saltiness and clean flavor used for French fries and topical application.  

Ne Yu® Salt 222 Adds natural flavor to enhance overall product taste in reduced and low salt sauces, frozen entrée and meat products.

Let us design a flavor system to meet your reduced sodium item.

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