Functional Ingredients - Moisture Barrier & Texture Modification

Ne Yu® Crisp Texture Moisture Control Systems    

Ne Yu® Crisp is a series moisture barriers and texture enhancer ingredients developed to be used in food products.   It is designed to enhance quality and performance in meats that have high moisture content and is reheated by the consumer.

Package: 40 lbs box or 50 lbs bag – bag. 

Optimum Temperature is dry and cool with less than 60% relative humidity. 
Shelf life is 9 months.

Ne Yu® Crisp is used as a light dust or batter (glaze) coat.

Functional Ingredients - Moisture Barrier & Texture Modification


    - It is normally applied in the tumbler
    - Provides moisture barrier
    - Improves reheating quality
    - Clean label
    - Improves adhesion
    -Provides crispy texture to reheated foods
    - No phosphate. Low salt
    - Usage 2-3% of meat



Texture of the food is enhanced by Ne Yu® Crisp coating and gives reheated foods a more crispy texture and a more appealing  taste.

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