Functional Ingredients - Flavor & Texture Enhancers

Ne Yu® Coat Improves Flavor, Texture & Color

Flavor, Texture & Color EnhancersNe Yu® Coat is a line of taste enhancer products that gives an extra boost to flavor, crispier texture or improves color  of food products.   In addition, it will provide a uniform appearance to the final food products and protect the outer layer during freezing and under heat lamps.   Ne Yu® Coat developed by Dr. G’s Creations®, enhances quality and performance in various food groups, including meat, poultry and bakery products and provides superior overall results.

Package: 40 lbs box or 50 lbs bag 

Storage:  Optimum Temperature is dry and cool less than 90 F with less 60% relative humidity.  Shelf life is 9 months.

Ne Yu® Coat 627 provides a natural roast and enhances flavor delivery

    -Provides uniform Brown Roast color
    -Protects the texture
    -Can be add in the tumbler
    -Commonly used in Poultry & Seafood
    -Use 1 – 3 %, adjust as necessary

Ne Yu® Coat is used in fully cooked or pre-cooked meat, poultry, seafood or vegetable products:

    -Improves the texture, color and appearance
    -Gives sautéed look after microwave
    -Phosphate Free
    -Clean and easy label
    -Use 1 – 3 %, adjust as necessary to get the end result



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