Functional Ingredients - Binding & Moisture Control

Ne Yu® Bind Custom Stabilizer Systems    

Ne®  Yu Bind is a hydrocolloid  system developed by Dr. G’s Creations® .  It is used to enhance quality in various food groups, including meat and poultry, seafood, and bakery products to provide superior binding and moisture retainer. 

Package: 40 lbs box or 50 lbs bag – multi wall Kraft bag. 

Storage: Optimum temperature is dry and cool less than 90 F with less 60% relative humidity.  
Shelf life is 9 – 12 months.

hydrocolloid  stabilizer systemNe Yu® Bind 100 can be used as a texture solution for frozen meat, poultry, seafood, and bakery foods.  It  hydrates easily to provide a stable viscosity that prevents moisture loss during freezing and thawing process.   Additional benefits;

    - Injectable
    - Helps in stability of flavor systems.
    - Provides good binding
    - Provides firmer texture
    - Improves cooking yield
    - Improves flash off during frying
    - Well suited for thighs and wings
    - Well suited for whole birds

Ne Yu® Bind 667 is the right choice for for meat, chicken and seafood to provide benefits such as;

    - Better texture
    - High cooking yield
    - Juicier meat & poultry products
    - Easy to use
    - Freeze / thaw stability

Dr. G's Functional Foods stabilizersNe Yu® Bind 555 can be used to replace soy type products.   Can be used in marinades to provide stable viscosity and provide benefit such as:

    - Retained moisture
    - Replace Soy type product
    - Marinade stabilizer
    - Reduce Purge
    - Yield enhancer in raw marinated block frozen 
    - Improve bite and maintain juiciness
    - Cold water soluble stabilizer system


Ne Yu® Bind 1000 is a unique product with neutral flavor that can be used as a  stabilizer in meat marinade systems with benefit such as;DSCN0874-300

    - Cleaner bite
    - Use in white meat and seafood products
    - Provides a good texture in  soup products

Ne Yu® Bind 2000 is a food grade modified Tapioca with excellent freeze /thaw and cold temperature stability with added benefits of;

    - High cook yield
    - Provides great texture solution
    - Product will not cloud or weep during thawing


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