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Functional Ingredient Design & Supply - Dr. G’s Creations®  LLC specializes in the design and application of functional ingredient systems to impart the desired body, texture and taste characteristics to processed food, beverage and dairy products.  Our fully equipped laboratory and pilot plant allow us to use our knowledge and expertise to assist you in the design and selection of custom blended recipes and ingredients to fit your product and production parameters.  We have 5 separate blending rooms with HVAC dust collection systems to create custom ingredient blends, with expansion plans in the near future.

The Ne Yu® Brand of Functional Ingredients from Dr. G’s Creations®  

Functional Ingredients Supplier For The Food IndustryDr. G’s Creations® ’ Ne Yu® brand of functional ingredients provide perfect body, texture and taste characteristics to processed food, beverages and dairy products.  Our years of research and development of the Ne® Yu brand of functional food ingredients have resulted in the development of hundreds of name brand products world wide.

Food Texture Hydrocolloids - Ne Yu® Bind is a series of hydrocolloid texture and flavor system ingredients developed by Dr. G’s Creations® . It is used to enhance quality and performance in various food groups, including frozen meat and poultry, and bakery products to provide superior binding and moisture control. See our Ne Yu® Bind here.

Food Moisture Retention - Ne Yu® Seal is a moisture retention product for meat, seafood, and vegetables, and improves the adhesion component during the cooking process. See our Ne Yu® Seal here.

Food Moisture Barrier - Ne Yu® Coat functions as a moisture barrier and provides texture modification for microwaveable fried products and high water content products.  See our Ne Yu® Coat here

Salt Replacements - Ne Yu® Salt is a series of Salt Replacers offered by Dr. G’s Creations®  which is highly customizable to customers’ needs and level of salt reduction.   Ne Yu® Salt may reduce sodium up to 60% and still obtaining moisture, yield and taste.   More about Ne Yu® Salt Salt here.

Food Texture Control - Ne Yu® Crisp is a series moisture barriers and texture control ingredients developed by Dr. G’s Creations® .  It is used to enhance quality and performance in various food groups that have high moisture content that are fried, packaged and reheated by the consumer.  More about Ne Yu® Crisp  here.

Glaze Coating - Ne Yu® Glaze is a series  glaze coating bases that are used to control moisture during frozen storage and reheating.  It is available in flavors or unflavored,  and provides a glossy appearance to the final product.  More about Ne Yu® Glaze here.

Ne Yu® Taste provides custom flavorings and seasonings for meat, poultry, seafood, side dishes, and other applications. We can custom blend or modify the flavor characteristics for your existing product line or develop new flavors when you are ready to expand your product line.  More about Ne Yu® Taste here.

Flavorings and Seasonings - Ne Yu® Bite improves texture and yield for precooked meat, poultry or seafood, especially shrimp, scallops, fish fillets, and other seafood when reheated in microwave or on restaurant grills.  More about Ne Yu® Bite here.

Hydrocolloid System - NuPhos® is a wonder hydrocolloid system developed for the food industry by Dr. G’s Creations® .  It is a  clean label ingredient system designed to be used in foods for overall product enhancement.  More about NuPhos® here.


Beverage Mixes, Frozen Dessert Mixes, Breakfast and Baking Mixes

Dr. G’s Creations® working with our Canadian partner provides a variety of Beverage Mixes, Frozen Dessert Mixes, Breakfast and Baking Mixes to the food and restaurant industries.  Our custom mix blends made to your exact specifications can save you time and increase profits.  We provide mixes that taste great and are easy to prepare in large quantities while providing healthy food sources to the end customer.  Call us today and let Dr. G’s Creations® help you prepare better tasting foods and enjoy higher profits. More about Healthy Mixes

Dr. G’s Creations® is a leader in providing ingredients for the health food industry.  The health food industry is a very large market, at the beverage shop, the supermarket and in restaurants across the country.  People want quick and easy ways to to get healthy foods, not just fatty snacks and fast food.  We provide ingredients that are healthy and fortified with the special vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy body. 
More about
Health Food Ingredients.

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