Food Analysis Laboratory

Complete Food Analysis For New Product Development    

Dr. G’s Creations® has a complete Food Analysis Laboratory for developing and improving taste and Food Analysis Lab - Athens, GAquality control for functional foods.

Dr. G’s  Food Analysis Laboratory serves the food industry, offering comprehensive microbiology and chemistry product analysis as well as research and development services.  An independent laboratory, combining state-of-the-art technology with personal service and attention, Dr. G’s  Food Analysis Laboratory can provide services to meet all of your testing and quality assurance needs.  Certified by the FDA, USDA and the Georgia EPA, Dr. G’s Food Analysis Laboratory can help you maintain the high level of excellence you demand for your products.

    Laboratory Functions

    -- Complete Nutritional Labeling Analysis
    -- Vendor Quality Verification Programs
    -- Preservative Analysis
    -- Shelf Life/ Stability Studies

Analytical Microbiology Analysis

-- Aerobic Plate Count
-- Anaerobic Plate Count
-- Bacillus cereus
-- Clostridium perfringens
-- Coliforms (MPN)
-- Total Coliforms (PetrifilmTM)
-- E. coli O157:H7
-- Enterobacteriacea
-- Fecal Streptococcus
-- Lactic Acid Bacteria
-- Listeria
-- Pseudomonas
-- Psychrotropic bacteria
-- Salmonella
-- Shigella
-- Spores
-- Staphylococcus aureus
-- Yersinia
-- Yeast and Mold
-- Environmental monitoring program

Food Chemistry For

-- Acidity
-- Head Space
-- Phosphorus
-- Added Water,
-- Iodine Value
-- Proximate Analysis
-- Aflatoxins
-- Lactose
-- Rancidity
-- Amylase
-- Metals (ICP/AA)
-- Salt
-- Ash
-- Nitrate/Nitrite
-- Saponification Value
-- Brix
-- Organic Acid Profile
-- Sulfites
-- Chloramphenicol
-- Peroxide Value
-- Total Solids
-- Color
-- Patulin
-- Water Activity

Nutritional Analysis For

-- Calcium 
-- Dietary Fiber
-- Protein
-- Calories
-- Fat
-- Sodium
-- Carbohydrates
-- Minerals
-- Sugar
-- Cholesterol
 -- Moisture
 -- Vitamins

Food Analysis Lab
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Nutritional Analysis

Our Mission: Establish trust and integrity through honesty, working hard as a team player, and improving resources to the foodservice and food manufacturing sector.

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