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Dr. G’s Creations® Custom Seasoning Blends

Functional Seasonings Supplier For The Food IndustrySeasoning Blend Design & Supply - Dr. G’s Creations® LLC specializes in the design and application of   blended seasoning systems to impart the desired taste characteristics to processed food, beverage and dairy products. Our fully equipped laboratory and plant allow us to use our knowledge and expertise to assist you in the design and selection of custom blended seasons and spices to fit your product and production parameters.  We have five separate blending rooms with HVAC dust collection systems to create custom ingredient blends, with expansion plans in the near future.


Snack & Specialty Seasoning Systems are functional ingredients blends specially made for the snack food industry.  We assist in developing your products or blend to your exact specifications. Full development, formulation and manufacturing consultations on all snack and specialty seasoning systems is available. More about Snack Seasoning


Functional Seasonings Supplier For The Food IndustryBeverage Mixes, Frozen Dessert Mixes, Breakfast and Baking Mixes are available to the food and restaurant industries.  These mixes provide superior taste while still quick and  easy to prepare.  More about Dr. G’s  Healthy Mixes.

Health Food Ingredients   The health food industry is a very large market.  Not only at the beverage shop and in supermarkets,  but in restaurants across the country.  More about our Health Food Ingredients.

Chef Quality seasonings, sauces, mixes and cooking products were developed to provide exceptionally good taste. These specialty seasoning items can make your food easier to prepare and an instant sensation with consumers. 
More about our
Chef Mixes & Seasonings.


Our Mission: Establish trust and integrity through honesty, working hard as a team player, and improving resources to the foodservice and food manufacturing sector.

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