Food Science Laboratory Technician - Athens, Georgia

Food Science Laboratory Technician Needed 

Dr. G’s Creations® has an opening for a full time Food Laboratory Technician.  Applicant must be a motivated self-starter who is capable of working independently on assigned tasks.  Job involves food analysis and developing new products for the food industry and promoting our products on the internet. Applicants are preferred to have a Technical College degree in Food Science or similar field, but not required.  Experience in food analysis and internet marketing skills a plus.

Basic Job Description: Perform standardized quantitative tests to determine physical or chemical properties of food or beverage products.

Job Duties and Tasks for: "Food Lab Technician"

1) Analyze test results to classify products, or compare results with standard tables.

2) Compute moisture or salt content, percentages of ingredients, formulas, or other product factors, using mathematical and chemical procedures.

3) Conduct standardized tests on food, beverages, additives, and preservatives in order to ensure compliance with standards and regulations regarding factors such as color, texture, and nutrients.

4) Examine chemical and biological samples in order to identify cell structures, and to locate bacteria, or extraneous material, using microscope.

5) Prepare slides and incubate slides with cell cultures.

6) Provide assistance to food scientists and technologists in research and development, production technology, and quality control.

7) Record and compile test results, and prepare graphs, charts, and reports.

8) Clean and sterilize laboratory equipment.

9) Measure, test, and weigh bottles, cans, and other containers in order to ensure hardness, strength, and dimensions that meet specifications.

10) Mix, blend, or cultivate ingredients in order to make reagents or to manufacture food or beverage products.

11) Order supplies needed to maintain inventories in laboratories or in storage facilities of food or beverage processing plants.


If you think you have the skills and abilities for the food laboratory technician job, please call Dr. G’s Creations® at 706-369-9453 to arrange an interview, or e-mail us at bghavimi@godoctorg.com and enclose your resume and completed employment application.  
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Dr. G’s Creations® is an equal employment opportunity employer. Consistent with applicable law, Dr. G’s provides access and opportunities to those with disabilities. This commitment includes providing reasonable accommodation to individuals with disabilities and disabled veterans who seek to access the company's on-line application system. Dr. G’s will provide a reasonable accommodation.


Our Mission: Establish trust and integrity through honesty, working hard as a team player, and improving resources to the foodservice and food manufacturing sector.

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