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 Breading & Batter Systems from Dr. G’s Creations® 

    Dr. G’s Creations®’ functional ingredients provide include Batter & Breading Systems for meat, poultry and vegetables.  Batters and breadings provide not only additional flavors to meat and poultry products, but also have functional qualities that can add texture and aid in the cooking process. Other functional qualities include adhesion during processing and cooking, shelf life, nutrition, and stability during processing, storage, and and final preparation at the serving facility.

    G’s Batter and Breading Systems are developed with taste, nutrition and functional factors taken into account, so that they not only taste good, but are easy to prepare, retain perfect texture in the freezing and thawing process, and are healthy for consumers.

Pre-dust. Batter. Breader – It’s as Simple as 1, 2, 3

Breading & Batter Systems


The key to a good breading systems is to follow the tried and proven 3 step system: Pre-dust, Batter, & Breader. Our systems utilize similar technologies as our NeYu® Coat and NeYu® Crisp systems create the ultimate, light, crispy, and, most importantly, clean label fried products available!   More 123 System Info Here

Dr. G’s Creations® offers a variety of functional ingredients, including multiple Batter & Breading Systems for meat, poultry, and even vegetables. Our Batter & Breading Systems not only offer great flavors to products, but they also offer functional qualities to improve overall integrity of fried products. Functional qualities such as: improved texture, moisture retention, and added adhesion to product during processing and cooking. In addition, our Batter & Breading Systems provide increased shelf life, nutrition, and stability during processing, storage, and final preparation of product.



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